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The base modules are modules that can be used as a base for other modules

There are two types of base modules:

  1. dependencies
  2. utils


Dependencies contain a set of related dependencies. Examples:

  • Common: Common dependencies like Apache Commons libraries that can be used in other modules.
  • Camel: Camel base dependencies to build Camel solutions.
  • Camel Components: A set of the most used Camel components.
  • Database: A set of database drivers (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc).
  • Spring: A set of basic Spring libraries.
  • Extra: Extra libraries outside of Maven central.
  • Test: A set of libraries used for testing (Junit, Powermock etc).


Practical utilities. Examples:

  • CertificatesUtil: Util Class to handle SSL/TLS certificates.
  • DepdencyUtil: Dynamically resolves and load Maven dependencies (based on Jeka).
  • EncryptionUtil: Encrypt/decrypt strings (based on Jasypt).
  • OSUtil: Checks what operation system (OS) is running.
  • IntegrationUtil: Misc utils used by the integration runtime.
  • InetUtil: To check internet connections.
  • TransformUtil: Transform files with XSLT.

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