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Assimbly is an open source initiative started in 2018 by Raymond Meester. The first commit was adding the Apache Software License 😄.

Since 2018 various projects were started to create integration modules. All projects are open source and the idea is that developers and organizations can pick the modules they need as part of their integration solutions.

The name Assimbly came from this idea. It comes both from ASSIM (A self-service integration module) and to Assemble. In other words modules that you can self use in any integration solution.


Assimbly stand on the shoulders of giants. The main engine behind Assimbly is Apache Camel, a powerful integration framework. It also builds on other open source projects from the Apache foundation and other software like JHipster and Spring.

With the help of these open source frameworks various integration modules are made. Using those modules, the user can then create an integration solution.

Assimbly solutions


Assimbly initially started in the Netherlands at Caesar groep. Over the years Assimbly has been developed and used by organizations like Caesar Groep, Elanwave, Wehkamp, Renewi, SVB, it-masters and Dovetail.

Since the end of 2021 Assimbly has been an independent project.